How it works.

Some things I struggled with in the beginning was knowing how to pose people in a natural way, how to edit to get rich and sharp images, and of course trying to master manual mode on my camera. My goal is to meet you where you are at and work together with you to turn your biggest struggles into what you are most confident in. We will spend the day with me answering ALL your questions (feel free to bring a notepad or whatever you need to make notes), attending a shoot of your choice, and then coming back and editing together. I will go over camera settings, lightroom hacks, natural posing, connecting with your clients, mastering indoor and outdoor shoots, and all the in between to help you feel even more confident with your work and amazing artistic abilities!

Live shoot.

I know one of the best ways to learn is to get in the field and do it! I also know the feeling of showing up to a shoot and realizing I have to completely wing it and hope for the best. You will pick any type of session(s) that you are wanting to work on and we will go to the shoot together where I will teach you how I get the best lighting, natural posing, and getting the perfect candid shots. My goal is for you to leave the shoot on a photo high, feeling confident in your talents and excited in your abilities.

Posing and directing.

Ahhh this was one of the hardest things for me to learn! I will teach you how to feel comfortable telling clients how to pose or move in a way that gets you amazing images that you can't wait to go home and edit. I don't believe in standard posing, I am all about getting real and genuine smiles, laughs, and natural interactions.

Social media, branding, and a website

Social media is how I reach 99% of my cliental. In other words THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!! I studied social media, branding, and web design in college and I can tell you it makes a WORLD of difference. I will go over social media and how to use it to reach new clients, branding and creating your business thumbprint, and building a website even if you have no web design knowledge.


After our shoot, we will either get together OR screen share to edit some images from our shoot together. I will spill every little tip and trick I've learned from spending hours upon hours trying different things in lightroom. We will aim to edit with whatever style you are hoping to achieve to help you feel confident in your editing. We will go over color correcting and getting rich tones that you and your clients will LOVE.

Learning your camera.

We will also go over ISO, f stop, and all the things on your camera that make people say "huh?". I want to help you feel confident in your settings, I will share exact settings that I personally use. I'll share how I get crisp images without any blur when I capture movement, and how to avoid noise and grainy photos if you're using the wrong settings.

Mentor options, pick the one that best fits your needs!

The ultimate mentor session


Perfect for a photographer looking to take their work and career to the next level. This includes going on a live shoot of your choice with me and an editing session of your favorite images after. Things we go over in this session are:

  • Learning in depth about camera settings for crisp images
  • Feeling confident shooting in manual mode
  • Shooting in all lighting situations and harsh light
  • Your website and branding yourself as a photographer
  • The importance of Instagram & how to market yourself
  • Editing in lightroom and finding your style
  • Booking clients & connecting with clients on shoots
  • and SO much more!

Going on a live shoot is SO helpful to see how I direct my clients. I teach you how to make clients feel comfortable (because getting your picture taken can feel so awkward!!) I show you how to get those real and genuine smiles and laughs as well as the perfect candids. If you choose a session involving young children, I have TONS of tips to get them to warm up to me so I can capture pictures their parents will cherish forever.

Coffee house session


This includes EVERYTHING that you are taught with the ultimate mentor session minus a live shoot. We will do an editing session using images that you have already taken and images that I have taken.

We hang out in my office and go over every little thing that I know! Pick my brain, please!!

Basic mentor session


Business owners, bloggers, social media influencers, or moms who want nice pictures of their families as they grow, this is for YOU! You don't necessary need to learn posing and directing, but you DO want to learn how to use your camera, how to edit photos, and everything in between! Great for business owners who prefer to do their own product photography. You will come to my home for this session and we will use my in home studio (white and black background options) to practice taking product photos and then edit them together in lightroom.

Price will be based on session lasting 45 minutes to 1.5 hours

Skype session


This is for my homies who don't live in Arizona but still want to hang out and learn! In lieu of a live shoot, we will edit one of your shoots (or mine) together so we can still talk about posing, lighting, editing, etc

I still dump all of my knowledge into your brain and teach you every little thing I know! Everything from the ultimate mentor session is included, except of course a live shoot together.

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