Hey! I'm Candace Shiflet

My obsession with photography started with myspace selfies in junior high (you gotta start somewhere I guess). I took class after class in high school and college in photography and eventually my love to create landed me with an associates in Arts + Graphic design.

I could bore you with that stuff orrrr I could tell you a story! What REALLY got me into photography was my love for remembering every single moment- they're fleeting you know! I got married and had babies of my own and realized that everyone wasn't lying when they tell you your kids grow up SO FAST!! My babies slowly turned into toddlers and now my oldest is a full blown KID. They are what inspired me to do photography after years of going back and forth. I want to capture their silly moments, their little fingers and toes as they get bigger and bigger with each passing day. I want to make sure I never miss one second of their joy and happiness and I want to preserve it in photos to remember my babies and how proud of them I always have been and will be.

I want to give you what I strive to give my family. I don't want to give you posed photos that don't show your real self. I want to be a fly on the wall as you tickle your babies and get big belly laughs out of them. I want to capture all the stolen kisses you give each other on your wedding day in between interacting with guests. I want the photos of your loved ones to live on forever and ever when you're flipping through photo albums in 60 years from now with your great grand kids.

I want to give you the best freaking experience you've ever had getting your photos taken! I want this to be an experience that you won't forget!!

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